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Ultimate Holiday Movie Challenge {ROKU GIVEAWAY!}

Things have changed a lot since I was a kid in regards to home entertainment. Back in the olden days (ha, it really wasn’t that long ago!) you had to drive to the nearest rental store to get a copy of that newly released movie. If your favorite show was scheduled to come on TV, you […]


A Time Worth Documenting

This is kind of a big deal. So big in fact, that I've gotta document it on here so that I can reflect back on how wonderful it truly is. My boys now play … [Read More...]


The Mother That You Are.

There are many attributes I wish I had as a Mother. I'm not the Mom with boundless energy, taking my kids on two hour exploration walks through the neighborhood … [Read More...]

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It’s Enough.

Last week my husband asked me if I was still doing preschool with Noah. As I stumbled through my words and told him what we had been doing (baking, colouring, … [Read More...]

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